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How to Install Window and Door Trim.

By Courtenay Hartford, The Creek Line House

Courtenay has partnered with GE Caulk to bring you this post, and has been compensated for her advice and honest opinions.

Installing DIY window and door trim in your home can be a really affordable project that can make a huge impact on your space. The task can seem daunting to some, but with the right tools, anyone can end up with a finished product that looks seamless and professional!

Today I'm going to walk you through, step-by-step, the process for how to install your own window and door trim and make it look better than you ever thought possible without years and years of experience as a carpenter!

I'll be using our bathroom window as an example, but you can follow the same steps for a doorway, you just won't need to work around a window sill! You can see that we have both projects that need to be completed at our house!

Installing door trim

First of all, start with flat, level walls, either painted or primed. This will make your work so much easier!

Choose your trim style. Use a website like Pinterest to search for inspiration pictures. There are many styles to fit any skill level and you're sure to find something that will look beautiful, even if it's a very easy, basic style. We chose a craftsman style trim for our windows and doors.

Installing window trim

Use medium-density fibreboard (MDF), Pine, or a combination of both for an easy project. We like to use mostly MDF where we can because of how straight it is, but pine works well if you have pieces that you need to use the router on to get the look you want, just like on our window sill.

DIY window trim

Measure, cut and install using a nail gun and construction adhesive for a secure fit and easy installation!

GE Paintable Silicone Window and Door Caulk

Next you'll need to choose your caulk! For this type of project, although I did test out the plumbing, kitchen and bath formula on some areas with great results, I recommend using something like a GE paintable silicone caulk for windows and trim. It's incredibly easy to work with and the thicker formula makes it really easy to control! If you've had a tough time with applying caulk in the past, don't fret. Paintable caulk is really your best friend for this type of project because it will fill in any gaps, cracks and imperfections and allow you to paint right over them like they never existed!

You can apply painter's tape to windows to keep caulk and paint off if you're feeling nervous about making a mess, but you really won't need to once you get comfortable using the silicone!

Next, go ahead and apply caulk to fill nail holes, gaps and all around where the window meets the trim.

GE Paintable Silicone Window and Door Caulk

Sealing holes and gaps around a window Window caulk

Here you can see a nail hole that practically disappeared once it was filled. This is even before painting!

Sealing holes with window caulk

This product is so easy to use, that I went ahead and filled in just about every seam on the window trim!

Window caulk

Silicone caulk is a great choice for this project because it's flexible enough to move with wood trim as it expands and contracts over the years. It will never crack, shrink or come away from the walls the way that acrylic caulk can.

GE Silicone Caulk

After all your caulk has set for about 30 minutes, prime everything to give yourself the same finish on all pieces.

It doesn't take long for primer to dry and then it's time for the final step! Paint your beautiful new trim using latex paint. If you need to use oil-based paint over the silicone caulk, make sure to use an acrylic primer first. I used a semi-gloss latex paint and it came out perfectly!

If you needed to apply caulk to the outside of your window trim, you may have gotten some on the painted surface of the wall or you may have gotten some of your trim paint on the wall like I always do.

Paintable caulk

Apply painter's tape to trim and touch up wall paint or just go ahead and freehand your wall-painting if you're feeling confident that day!

You'll be so impressed with the professional-looking results that you'll end up with using this method, even if you're a novice DIYer! Paintable silicone caulk has saved the day for many a DIY blogger over the years too, trust me. With the right tools, you can jump into the project with confidence and know that you're going to love the way your home looks when you're done!

How to install DIY window trim